Am I promoting obesity?

Someone recently asked me where the line is between promoting body positivity and promoting obesity, because in this person’s eyes, it is a fine line and easily confused in some of my message.

It was a honest question, I understand why it was asked, and I’m glad this person did because it has had my wheels turning ever since.

I am all for healthy living and fully support it.  What I am not for is the way diet culture and beauty standards have come together and convinced us that smaller bodies are inherently better and that all weight loss is good. The extension of that is the pervasive and pernicious devaluing of people in larger bodies.

What I really take issue with is that the pursuit of weight loss is considered some amazing ideal, but is so often done in unhealthy ways, and yet it still gets praise. Although we associate weight loss with health, I’d wager that most weight loss goals are not set for genuine health reasons but for aesthetic reasons.

At the end of the day though, it comes down to one thing: I’m not promoting any type of lifestyle except one where you don’t feel ashamed of how you look. If you want to make healthy changes, I am here for you 100%. In my own life it has felt like a very long journey to get to the healthy lifestyle I currently lead. But a healthy lifestyle does not always equate to a certain appearance. So if you want to make changes, you don’t have to do it out of an obligation to look a certain way, and for the love of yourself and your life, please don’t sacrifice your mental health for it.

Jessie Barnes