Open the door and make a place for others

In response to people asking her how to get over their stretch marks or cellulite so they can actually enjoy themselves and make memories on family vacations, Sarah Nicole Landry posted this:

Do you know what happens when you put on the swim suit and show up? ⁣⁣

Others do too. ⁣⁣

You open the door. You show your fellow sister, mother, daughter and friend that you have a place on the beach, in the pool and in the summer. That you have worth and so do they. That you have beauty and so do they. That you have a body and story unique to you...and so. do. they. ⁣⁣

That speaks to me on a deep level.  Because as much as our relationships with our bodies and our body image is so personal, we’re also all in this together.  I’m a big believer in creating the environment we want to see. Sometimes that means showing up in your swimming suit unafraid to be you...even if it gives you some butterflies.  Because would you ever tell someone else they don’t belong because of their appearance? Would you ever look at someone’s stretch marks and tell her, “Just go home.” No! So don’t tell yourself that either.  And in that process of just showing up, you get to be the change maker that inspires others to feel more comfortable in their own skin too.

So show up.  Open the door.  In the process of opening it for others you open it for yourself too.  And there’s so much power in that.

Jessie Barnes