"I wish I had your confidence"

From time to time someone will say to me, “I wish I had your confidence.” But no wish is needed and it is not magic, friends. All you have to do is start practicing.

I did that practicing in the most literal way possible—by taking my shirt off and running in my sports bra when I felt far from worthy of that activity. I did not wake up one day and think yes, the work is done, now I am confident. Instead I listened to the voice deep in my heart that told me I was ok just as I was. And that voice was so quiet at first, muffled behind years of feeling insecure and and buried under all that energy spent wishing to look a different way so that everything else in life would fall in line.

But that’s not how it works. And I didn’t entirely know that voice in my heart was really true for a long time. But by practicing self acceptance one day at a time, one run at a time, one journal entry at a time, the voice got stronger. The confidence started to build. And the voice in my heart was right. No matter where I stand, no matter what I look like, I am ok just as I am. The most beautiful thing about getting to that place in your life is that is when you are able to make the changes that really matter. When you get to that place the superficial insecurity falls away and gives you a clearer vision of your life and the things that are actually deserving of your attention. And that’s when you get to make big things happen in your life.

So it’s ok if you don’t feel confident today. It’s not something you have to be born with. But if you start to practice it one day at a time, it will come to you. And it is so worth the work it takes to get there.

Jessie BarnesComment