Where does your worthiness come from?

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While trying to get a cute post-long run photo Saturday morning I accidentally took this one.  A way too close up, totally unflattering accidental photo that showcased both my soft belly and rippled inner thigh.  A photo that focused on two parts of my body I’m not the biggest fan of. But that accidental photo was a gift, really, because it reminded me that strong bodies do not always look the way we are promised.  I had just wrapped up a 14 mile run which truly made me feel happy to be alive and strong and free. So what’s more important--that strong and free feeling or a soft stomach? Which one should I choose to carry closer to my heart and let color my identity?  

So often we are sold the idea that we will be happier and like ourselves more when we mold our bodies to fit beauty standards, and that idea is based on the belief that we should not like ourselves until we do fit those beauty standards.  But it’s a shallow portrayal of what happiness and worthiness really take.  It’s a quick fix mentality that will never actually fix you. Because that feeling of worthiness doesn’t come from other’s approval of your appearance.  That feeling of worthiness comes 100% from within. And if you don’t believe me, just listen to Brene Brown. In her research on shame, vulnerability, and worthiness, she found that people who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they are worthy of love and belonging.  That belief is the only thing separating them from those who don’t have a strong sense of love and belonging. That means the 10 lbs we all think we need to lose or the promise of the toning exercises that can be found in abundance on Pinterest aren’t actually the answer to worthiness they are being sold as.  

The reason I’m telling you this is I want you to realize the more you can accept yourself as worthy right now, the stronger sense of love and belonging you will have, and that’s when you get to let go of the burden of worrying so much about a soft stomach or cellulite or any other perceived flaw and instead focus your energy on feeling whole and happy.

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