You can’t win (but you don't have to)

An old friend recently reached out to me seeking some advice for training for her first half marathon.  I like this friend and love talking about anything running, so I was more than happy to meet up.  It has been quite a few years since we last visited, so as we talked she brought me up to date on her weight loss journey.  She has been determined to take her health into her own hands and between changing both food and exercise habits she has slowly but surely lost 40 pounds--a task that has taken no small amount of dedication.  Upon telling a coworker about reaching this milestone, her coworker said, “Oh, so you’re done now?” And when my friend said “Well, no, I want to lose 70 more pounds,” her coworker exclaimed, “Don’t do that, you’ll look like a cancer patient!”

Which.  First of all. Who says that.

But more importantly, I have never heard a story more clearly illustrate the point that when it comes to pleasing others with your appearance you cannot win. But the good news is you don’t have to try either.  Your body is not here to please others with how it looks. It’s just not.  Your body is here to carry you through this world and let you experience life along the way and that counts for so much more!

I know so many of us will internalize the kind of comment my friend’s coworker made and let it prevent us from reaching our potential as a human being.  But surely we are here to do more than try to look good in a photo, right? I am certain of it.

You are so much more than your appearance. So don’t let comments like that hold you back from what your real goals are, ok?  You have so much more to offer this world.


Jessie BarnesComment