Jessie Barnes | Body Image Advocate
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My Mission

I empower women by helping them realize they can choose to set aside the insecurity and body image issues so many of us carry. I never thought I would be comfortable in my own skin and I carried the burden of hating my body for so long, I am now determined to help others find their way through that maze and come out feeling lighter and freer on the other side.


The 30 Day Body Image Reset

A 30 day guide to taking power back into your own hands when it comes to body image. It’s everything I wish someone had told me sooner about body positivity.

Let Yourself Love Yourself

A self-paced online body image course to kickstart your journey to feeling comfortable in your skin




Want to book me for a speaking engagement or workshop? Have questions about body image and what it means for you? Just want to say hi or give feedback? Send me an email at or fill out this form. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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